Custom Rotary Unions

Rotary Unions To Meet Your Fluid Power Needs

Positech’s custom, fluid rotary unions have been used worldwide for more than 40 years. We specialize in building custom rotary unions using transfers fluids (liquids and/or gases) where 360° continuous or oscillating rotation between two machine members is required. Our engineers work one-on-one with you and your team to design a custom rotary union that best fits your needs — plus, we’re well known in the industry for our fast, efficient service.


Quality Designs & Construction

Our process begins with 3D generated design proposals and model supply. This provides for ease of product integration prior to manufacturing approval. You'll receive a custom design review and approval to finalize fit, mounting, and port locations.


  • Nominal bore sizes from 2 to 10 inches
  • Up to 24 passages
  • 3 to 36-inch lengths
  • Pressures up to 5000 psi
  • Variety of porting and connection styles
  • Unique environment exclusion, bearing support leakage control options
  • Variety of seal combinations, materials, and coatings

The complete manufacturing process of our custom rotary unions takes place in our facility in Laurens, IA. Each unit is 100% pressure tested during rotation to assure performance prior to shipment.

Full In-House Capabilities

All custom rotary union manufacturing processes are performed in the Positech facilities: machining, grinding, honing, assembly and testing.  The rotary union cases are made of steel, and are bored, drilled, welded, stress relieved, honed, milled and deburred before oil seals are cut into the spool.  Almost any kind of port can be put into the spool or case.  Chrome plating of the rotary union case ID is available.

Designed To Your Specifications

  1. Multiple circuits for various port and mounting arrangements
  2. Hydraulic or pneumatic
  3. Mobile and in-plant equipment
  4. 100% hydraulically tested during rotation
  5. Customer approval of final envelope and porting

Multi Circuit Custom Swivels For Over 40 Years

  1. 360° Continuous Rotation
  2. Pressures to 5000 PSI
  3. 100% Pressure Tested
  4. Fluid & Electric Circuits
  5. SAE, Split FLG & NPT Port
  6. Prototype Designed to Fit Your Application
  7. Replacements – Volume
  8. Quick Delivery


For over 40 years, Positech fluid power products have been applied worldwide.  When 360 degrees of continuous rotation is needed to transfer fluid and electrical power, Positech offers solutions to meet your requirements.

Our custom rotary unions can be hydraulic, pneumatic or combined with electric functionality to address multiple fluid or power needs. Every rotary union is custom designed to fit and function in your specific application.

Positech rotary joints operate on equipment in a wide variety of fields including aerial and utility equipment, cranes, backhoes, man-lifts, derricks, construction attachments, automation, rail-mounted equipment, and logging equipment.