The Process

Rotary Hydraulic Manifolds

For more than 40 years, Positech has been supplying rotary hydraulic manifolds — also known as rotary unions or swivels — for mobile construction equipment, high line service equipment, hoisting equipment, agricultural equipment, in-plant use, and special material handling equipment.


Custom Designed

Positech manifolds are custom designed for each application.  Therefore, we do not have off-the-shelf or catalog units.  However, we manufacture based on a set of proven design parameters and utilize commercially available materials whenever possible.   This shortens lead time and reduces the cost to our customers.


Proposal Process

Positech develops a Rotary Manifold proposal based on customer supplied operational specifications and physical envelope requirements.   An extensive library of existing designs is reviewed for similar features to minimize proposal and design costs.  Our proposal includes a technical description of the manifold, a profile drawing showing the physical envelope required, and a price quotation.


Order Placed

After an order is placed, Positech supplies a CAD-generated model and drawing for customer review and approval.   Upon shipment of the Rotary Manifolds, Positech supplies as built assembly drawings and parts lists.   The actual design of the Rotary Manifold is proprietary and remains the property of  Positech.


Design & Fabrication

The approved designs are production detailed, precision fabricated, plating (when required), 100% inspected, and carefully assembled.  Static pressure testing during rotation is completed for each passage on every unit to verify performance.  Prime painting or customer requested coatings are applied.


Product Shipped

The quoted prices for Positech Rotary Manifolds are F.O.B.  Laurens, Iowa.  Careful parcel or crating for common carrier shipment is arranged to the customer’s preference.  Our ‘Standard Terms’ and ‘Warranty Policy’ are described on a separate sheet.

Have any questions?

Now that you’ve read about our process, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give Dave a call, he’s a nice guy!